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Doh!  I was just reading through the Tome of Adventure again, and I spotted a significant error in the way I handled Theda’s ‘dream’ encounter.

Instead of playing the goblins as Henchmen NPCs, I played them as Standard NPCs.  This made them a much tougher proposition than they actually could and should have been.  Of course, the orc would still have made for a strong opponent, but Theda and the other human could have played things a lot differently, even in the space of the few rounds the combat lasted.

Another lesson learned – it never hurts to go back through the rules, even when it seems like you have them mastered!


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I’ve just created the third and final character for my initial adventuring party, Theda Hartmann:-

Theda Hartmann is a female initiate of Sigmar.

Twenty-one years old, the only life Theda has known has been as a servant of Sigmar.  Left on the temple doorstep in her village in south Reikland when she was a small baby, she has been cared for by the temple Priest and temple staff ever since.  Devout and strong-willed, Theda makes up in common sense and dedication what she lacks in raw intelligence.

Stocky, muscled  and thickset, Theda is worlds away from some of the pretty, delicate looking initiates of Shallya.  She truly looks like as if she was cast from the same iron as her trusty hammer and brooks no patronising from men.

Having taught Theda all he could, her Priest has recently tasked her to leave the confines of the temple for five years.  Her mission is simple – spread the word of Sigmar and fight the Empire’s enemies wherever she finds them.

Now my band is complete I’m almost ready to run my first adventure.  I’ll need to re-read the rules from the Warhammer Boxed Set first though, just to get them clearer before I begin.  I’m also contemplating running a quick combat with one of the characters to reinforce some of the mechanisms.  It’ll also act as a useful device to tie together the back-story for a couple of the party members.

Adventure awaits!

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