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Doh!  I was just reading through the Tome of Adventure again, and I spotted a significant error in the way I handled Theda’s ‘dream’ encounter.

Instead of playing the goblins as Henchmen NPCs, I played them as Standard NPCs.  This made them a much tougher proposition than they actually could and should have been.  Of course, the orc would still have made for a strong opponent, but Theda and the other human could have played things a lot differently, even in the space of the few rounds the combat lasted.

Another lesson learned – it never hurts to go back through the rules, even when it seems like you have them mastered!


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The second character of the three I need to roll up for my first Warhammer Roleplay party is now complete.  Here’s his background:-

Dieter Hepmarr is a Reikland Human, aged around 18 years old.  

Born in a tiny hamlet on the banks of the Reik, a days travel north of the Skagg Hills, Dieter had an unhappy childhood.  His mother was a weak-willed yet cantankerous woman, who spent most of her time trying to look after her extensive brood of offspring (Dieter had three brothers and two sisters).  His father was a travelling tinker, who combined laziness with bitterness and added a violent temper for good measure.

Dieter spent almost all his time away from the cramped, dirty family home, either acting as a porter during his father’s travels to nearby settlements or more commonly off on his own exploring the nearby woods and fields.  Only in the open air did he really feel alive, and he soon found he had a knack of finding his way, remembering landmarks and tracking local game.  His innate toughness, determination and strength of character helped him develop his skills until one day after a tongue-lashing from his drunken father he ran away from home.  

Knowing from his travels with his father of the needs of merchants for skilled scouts, he found his way to Frederheim and soon found employment with a caravan heading south.  In the two years since then Dieter has travelled widely in southern Reikland.  His weapon skills have developed, either through training with caravan companions or in solo hunting expeditions.  Combined with his tracking ability and keen eye, Dieter is a competent scout though temporarily out of work and without an employer these past three weeks…  

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