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I’ve just come across the Reckless Dice Podcasts – what a great site.  For a newbie to Warhammer 3rd Edition like me, hearing a group roleplaying the game is incredibly useful.

I’ve just been listening to the live session that replayed A Day Late, A Shilling Short.  It’s very enlightening not just to hear some of the game mechanisms being played through, but to listen to how the group played the game from a style perspective.

One thing that struck me, and I’d kind of forgotten after being away from group play for so long, was the way the characters went ‘off-piste’ so often.  Whether it was straying from the anticipated storyline (for example when one character leaves the group and starts walking back towards the town) or getting too hung up on how a relatively low-importance NPC was reacting to them, the path the game looked to be taking at times seemed like it would have presented a new DM with some challenges.

This ‘deviation’ is one aspect of role playing that I miss out on when solo’ing, and it’s very much a  two-edged sword.  Although I like creating a narration that’s essentially the scenario ‘vanilla’, or largely as it’s written, I do really miss that unpredictable angle that comes from live play.


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