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Looks like a really cool site, but unfortunately a search on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay only brings up three game threads, and none are 3rd Edition.

I’ve put up a post in the ‘GMs Wanted’ forum so we’ll see what reaction, if any, that gets.  If all else fails, I might offer to run a game there myself but I’d rather not take that on until I have a lot more expertise.  On the plus side, with it being Play By Post, I would have time to check rules, draft good narratives, etc.


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Just had great fun with the first act of the demonstration Warhammer FRP scenario, ‘A Day Late, A Shilling Short’.  Fantastic stuff, and playing through in a slow but ordered manner, with everything fully set up on a large table, really enabled me to concentrate on bringing the various character actions to life.

I’m halfway through writing it up, and to keep my gaming posts in a logical order I’ll complete the narrative for the act and post it tomorrow.

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Having read through three of the four tomes contained in the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay boxed set (the exception of the Tome Of Mysteries which I’m still working through), I was eager to play out a mini scenario to test my understanding of the basic rules before taking on something more meaty.

I therefore put together a very basic encounter for Theda, my female Sigmar initiate, and Hans, my Reikland mercenary.  For now I decided my scout Dieter would stay out of the picture – I didn’t want too many things to look after for my first run-through of combat.   Here’s the beginning of my narrative of the scenario:-

A lone figure trudged along the road to Ubersreik, or at least what passed for a road this far south of the Empire.  Overhead, leaden clouds scudded across the darkening skies – a storm was coming.  The howling wind blew bitterly cold into the face of the traveller.  Skirting the large water-filled potholes and avoiding the deeper patches of glutinous mud, Theda Hartmann, initiate of Sigmar, pondered what lay ahead of her. 

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

The Ubersreik Road, Southern Reikland

For the two weeks since she left the temple in Kellersborn, she had been been heading south.  Her objective was the borderland of the Empire where the foothills of southern Reikland met the mighty peaks of the Grey Mountains.  Father Anselm, her priest and mentor these past twenty years, had tasked her to use the abilities she had learnt in his temple in the service of Sigmar.  Merchants passing through her village had talked of greenskin incursions from the Grey Mountains, attacking the more remote communities that eked out a meagre living in the Empire’s southern borderlands.  Theda believed it possible that here her skill with her hammer could best be used, and where the consoling and inspiring words of Sigmar would be most appreciated.  

Any noble thoughts of this kind were fighting against the more mundane concerns of the present though.  Her boots were fast wearing out, as the blisters on her feet would testify, and the weather for the past three days had been foul – cold and wet.  Even now, although the rain had relented since early morning, more threatened in a darkening sky.  Pulling the cowl of her sodden and dirty cloak over her tonsured head, she moved onward towards the relative comfort of the next roadside inn, at least two to three hours walk distant.

The Ubersreik Road in these parts cut a path through ancient and largely untamed forest.  The dense trees on either side pressed against the road so closely that overhead they often met and created an arching canopy of sickly green.  Although wary, Theda had seen nothing in the woods.  In fact, she had seen no-one for the past hour or so, the last sign of life being a caravan of three heavily guarded merchant carts heading north.  Now though, some second sense made her look closely to her left.  There she saw a flash of movement some fifty yards distant, then more ahead of it.  Dropping down to a crouch she looked more closely – Greenskins!  There seemed to be a small group of them moving parallel to the road, which curved sharply to the left a small distance ahead.  Pulling her hammer from her belt and her shield from her back, Theda ran down the road in the direction the greenskins were moving.

As she approached the bend in the road Theda heard the familiar clang of metal against metal.  Quickening her pace, she rounded the bend and about 30 yards ahead in the road she saw a lone human warrior backed up against a small cart, facing two goblins.  Two more goblins and a human were lying motionless nearby.  As she approached, another three greenskins including a much larger figure, crashed through the undergrowth at the side of the road and looked set to join the fight.  These were clearly the creatures she had seen in the woodland.  So far, all were too preoccupied to have seen her.

And there it stopped!  After laying out all the relevant cards, counters etc, and starting the combat by going into initiative, I realised (of course) that things were still very sketchy after just one reading of the rules…  ‘How does initiative work again?’, ‘What stat does I use when a creature attacks?’ and ‘So where do I find that darned Defence stat?’ were just a few of the questions I was asking myself.  

Rather than just stumble on, looking in the various rulebooks every couple of minutes and probably still getting it wrong, I decided to go back to basics.  So, it’s a re-read of all the books again, this time making more notes!



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Well, I’m made a leap of faith and decided to wholeheartedly embrace Warhammer FRP.  The demonstration of this is the sale of my Games Workshop pro-painted LOTR Elven army to fund more Warhammer Roleplay purchases.

Here’s a couple of pics:

If anyone’s interested, some of the the figures are on sale here.  Click on my user name to see the others.

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I’ve just come across the Reckless Dice Podcasts – what a great site.  For a newbie to Warhammer 3rd Edition like me, hearing a group roleplaying the game is incredibly useful.

I’ve just been listening to the live session that replayed A Day Late, A Shilling Short.  It’s very enlightening not just to hear some of the game mechanisms being played through, but to listen to how the group played the game from a style perspective.

One thing that struck me, and I’d kind of forgotten after being away from group play for so long, was the way the characters went ‘off-piste’ so often.  Whether it was straying from the anticipated storyline (for example when one character leaves the group and starts walking back towards the town) or getting too hung up on how a relatively low-importance NPC was reacting to them, the path the game looked to be taking at times seemed like it would have presented a new DM with some challenges.

This ‘deviation’ is one aspect of role playing that I miss out on when solo’ing, and it’s very much a  two-edged sword.  Although I like creating a narration that’s essentially the scenario ‘vanilla’, or largely as it’s written, I do really miss that unpredictable angle that comes from live play.

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My much anticipated Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay boxed set arrived a couple of days back, and ever since I’ve been using every bit of spare time to read through the rules.  This was all slightly delayed however, by me making my way through the many and varied different elements within the box!  All are extremely well produced, and every bit as good as the many reviews I read stated.

I’ve almost finished the first tome, the ‘Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Rulebook.   Most of it has been relatively straightforward, although I’m still a little unsure how to use the many die, and I’m not quite understanding who can use the various action cards.  I’m sure most of this will become much clearer once I read the section on adventuring though.

I did start to create a character, but had the good sense to look at the Introductory Scenario ‘A Day Late, A Shilling Short’, that’s available to download from the Fantasy Flight Games website.  It stated there that the scenario was written with the four pre-generated characters in mind.  It probably makes sense therefore to play through it as suggested, and keep my own characters for the first scenario ‘proper’.  I should mention at this point that I’m intending to play Warhammer solo.  It’s an approach I’ve used for other RPGs, principally Runequest and Traveller, and one that I’m well used to.  The objective of running this blog by the way is to give me somewhere to post my adventure narratives once I’m underway.

Anyway, so far, so good.  I’m itching to get playing!

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