Looks like a really cool site, but unfortunately a search on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay only brings up three game threads, and none are 3rd Edition.

I’ve put up a post in the ‘GMs Wanted’ forum so we’ll see what reaction, if any, that gets.  If all else fails, I might offer to run a game there myself but I’d rather not take that on until I have a lot more expertise.  On the plus side, with it being Play By Post, I would have time to check rules, draft good narratives, etc.


Walking downstairs to the common room of the Red Moon Inn, Theda struggled to shake the vivid dream from her thoughts.  She was still pondering how it could seem so real when she noticed a commotion near the door to the inn.  A group of around a dozen or so customers were clustered around a young female who was harranging them.

Moving closer, Theda could hear the woman more clearly. 

“Bah, are none of you willing to help us?  Sigmar’s Strength!  The Marienburg coach is now a full day late.  In fact nothing has arrived from that direction since early afternoon yesterday.  At the least I should have heard by now from my fellow Roadwarden, Rutger Abend, who was escorting the coach.  I need to find out what the cause of the delay is, and the elf and I will investigate on our own if needs be, but I would have expected a few of you to help us keep the Empire’s roads safe.”  Gesturing towards a tall soldier she asked ” What about you Tomas Webber?  Will you lend your sword?”

The solider avoided the woman’s gaze as he replied.  “You know I would Birgitta, but I’ve been granted but a short leave  from barracks and there are many preparations to be made before the wedding to Inge.  I just can’t help you this time.”

Birgitta spat, then turned away.  “Come Vaerun”, she called to the expensively garbed elf in the gathering, “Seems it’s left to the two of us to see what the hold up is.”

Theda pushed to the front of the crowd and spoke up.  “Stop there Roadwarden.  You have one servant of Sigmar here who is willing to assist.”

As Theda moved to join Birgitta and Vaerun another man stepped out from the onlookers.  A gruff but well dressed fighter, clearly a mercenary by the look of his garb and equipment.  “Aye”, he muttered in reply to the stare of the Roadwarden, “I’ll be joining your merry band too.  For want of a contract hereabouts I was planning on heading towards Marienburg today myself, and it seems well-armed company may be prudent”.

Birgitta’s voice was more gentle.  “My thanks to each of you.  A mercenary and a Sigmar initiate eh?  I fear I’ll need the skills of both of you before the day is out.  Come, we must make haste.”  With that the four of them left the safety and comfort of the Red Moon’s compound and set off in the direction of Marienburg.

As they walked away from the inn Birgitta suggested they get to know each other a little better.  Theda’s suspicion was that this was more because Birgitta wanted to vet her and the mercenary than through any desire for idle conversation.   That said, Theda was also keen to find out more about the elf.  Although a few had passed through her village she’d never previously spoken with or had dealings of any kind with one.  It emerged through the conversation that took place as they walked that his full name was Vaerun Waveracer, an envoy to Reikland from Ulthuan.  Courteous but somewhat remote, he explained that he’d been expecting an important package on the Marienburg stage which had not arrived yet, hence his involvement.  Birgitta added that in addition to investigating the delay as a matter of course in her profession as Roadwarden, she had been tasked by her superior in Ubersreik to assist the elf.

The mercenary was much more forthcoming though.  Hans Drechler by name, he was a straightforward, affable character, around 20 years old.  He’d led a comparatively uneventful life guarding merchants up and down the lanes and byways of southern Reikland, and his weaponry, armour and the number of small scars on his arms and face said as much.  He was keen to get to Marienburg in order to take advantage of the many employment opportunities open to him there.  In relation to the stage, he surmised trouble was likely – in recent weeks he’d heard rumours of travellers disappearing hereabouts, and tales of strange calls in the forests at night.

For almost three hours the party scouted down the road, seeing no sight of the coach or any other travellers.  This was indeed very strange.  Although far from being one of the busiest roads in Reikland, there would normally have been at least a merchant caravan or two.  Just as in Theda’s dream the trees had closed in on either side until they were so thick that visibility into them was limited to perhaps twenty paces.  The cold day was also turning for the worse.  The sky was growing very dark despite it being late morning, and in the distance occassional peals of far off thunder seemed to be gradually moving closer.  Theda thought back to her dream, her hand grasping the pommel of her hammer tightly.  Had Sigmar really blessed her with a vision of what was to come?

Turning a bend in the road the reason for the non-arrival of the Marienburg stagecoach was suddenly revealed.  Around fifty yards ahead the vehicle lay to one side of the road, it’s axle smashed.  The horses were dead in their traces, lanced with spears, their driver dead on the ground next to them, his blunderbuss to one side.

Four foul creatures cavorted around the coach, cruel paradies of men, with furred misshapen bodies and horns jutting from their heads – Beastmen!  Three were engaged with trying to enter the coach or pulling items from it.  The last, a Gor and much larger than the others, was battling a lone human.  The man appeared to be badly wounded and it was clear he would not last for long without assistance.

“By Sigmar, it’s Rutger” murmured Birgitta.  Quickly drawing his longbow the elf acted first, letting fly and striking the Gor in the upper thigh, making it howl in pain.  Leaving the now prone Rutger the Gor started towards the party, quickly followed by all three of it’s Ungor followers.   The humans advanced to meet them, Theda asking Sigmar for his aid as she walked forward.

Vaerun stopped to let fly with another arrow, this time causing a glancing bow as the arrow caught the top of  the Gor’s thick skull.  Howling again it charged, and Birgitta ran forward to meet it, raising her pistol.  With an ear splitting boom the ancient weapon went off just as the Gor moved to strike.  The creature was knocked to the ground by the blast and lay there, blood bubbling up from a large cavity opened up by the shot in it’s chest.  Birgitta continued moving forward towards the remaining Beastmen, drawing her longsword.  Meanwhile Hans had prepared his crossbow and fired at an Ungor who’d picked up a warhorn hanging from the dying Gor’s belt.  He missed his target and cursed loudly as the beast held the horn to his lips and blew.  The harsh and braying note resounded through the surrounding forest.  As it did so, Theda invoked Sigmar and drew her hammer, which now seemed to shimmer in the increasing gloom.

The strange light around Theda seemed to distract and draw the three remaining beastmen to her, and they charged forward, howling.  Throwing themselves at her they bit and clawed causing a number of wounds to the initiate, but shaking them off she battered again and again with her hammer, each blow leaving a glowing blue trail in the air as it hit home.  Two Ungor fell under Theda’s assault, their ugly and deformed heads stoved in, before Birgitta swung her sword and cut through the spine of the last creature.

Quickly taking stock the four humans moved to the coach where Rutger was lying badly wounded.  As they did so they heard the click of the coach doors being unlocked from the inside, and out stepped a rather rotund, ruddy faced middle-aged man.  Shouting and cursing he berated the group for not arriving sooner until chastised by Birgitta, who pointed out that they’d just saved his skin.  Whereupon he fell to the ground, begging for the party to get him to the safety of Ubersreik as quickly as possible.

Ignoring the man, Birgitta and Vaerun went to help Rutger, learning that the coach had been disabled late the previous day.  Whilst trying to fix the axle this morning they’d been attacked by the Beastmen.  The character in the coach was a merchant from Marienburg, Klaus von Rothstein, who as they spoke was rushing around the vehicle trying to gather his goods which were being ransacked by the Ungor as the party’s arrived.  As they were talking Hans tried to assist Theda, who had taken some balm and ointments from her backpack and was trying to staunch some of the worse bits and cuts she’d suffered.  Although successful in her task, she looked very pale and drawn.

Theda and Hans walked across to the other travellers, and a clap over thunder sounded overhead.  As it did so, the sound of another warhorn echoed through the dense forest around them.  The companions looked to each other, startled, while the merchant broke down in anguish, wailing.

To be continued…



Just had great fun with the first act of the demonstration Warhammer FRP scenario, ‘A Day Late, A Shilling Short’.  Fantastic stuff, and playing through in a slow but ordered manner, with everything fully set up on a large table, really enabled me to concentrate on bringing the various character actions to life.

I’m halfway through writing it up, and to keep my gaming posts in a logical order I’ll complete the narrative for the act and post it tomorrow.

Doh!  I was just reading through the Tome of Adventure again, and I spotted a significant error in the way I handled Theda’s ‘dream’ encounter.

Instead of playing the goblins as Henchmen NPCs, I played them as Standard NPCs.  This made them a much tougher proposition than they actually could and should have been.  Of course, the orc would still have made for a strong opponent, but Theda and the other human could have played things a lot differently, even in the space of the few rounds the combat lasted.

Another lesson learned – it never hurts to go back through the rules, even when it seems like you have them mastered!

One re-read of the Warhammer FRP rules later, here’s the conclusion to my first combat narrative:

Motivated  by her hatred of the greenskins, Theda quickened her pace as she ran on towards the combat, uttering a prayer to Sigmar beseeching his aid in what would certainly be a tough test of her skills.

Meanwhile, as Theda approached, the goblin that had come crashing through the undergrowth to join the fight launched himself at the embattled human.   It seemed destined to impale him but just as the goblin thrust forward, the warrior stepped to one side in what was obviously a well-practised move and deflected most of the force of the attack so that he took only a glancing blow to his wrist.  

The warrior looked down at the shallow and seemed to shrug it off.  At that moment the goblins outflanking him both stabbed forward with their spears and, with nowhere to go now, the man grunted as took three quick blows to his abdomen. Fortunately none pierced his chainmail jerkin, but he’d carry the bruises for a few days if he did live past the next few minutes.  

Rushing forward, Theda screamed an invocation to Sigmar and lifted her hammer.  Her eyes suddenly lit up with a golden light, and the air behind her seemed to shimmer.  She launched herself at the orc closing in on the warrior, putting herself between them.  As she did so, the man eyed the nearest goblin and swung his great sword in a wide arc, opening a deep wound in the creature’s thigh.

Seeing the Sigmar initiate in it’s path the orc charged at Theda, slashing repeatedly with it’s huge, axe-like weapon.  The ferocity of the repeated blows was unlike anything she’d encountered in training in the temple, and Theda suffered a number of brutal gashes to her body as the attack overwhelmed her defences.  Striking back she swung her hammer down and and caught the orc with a hefty blow to the shoulder.  His scraps of armour helped him little and he stumbled backwards.  Looking Theda in the eye he regained his footing and renewed his onslaught.  This time his axe batted away her shield and, quickly striking again, struck her a massive blow to the head.  With her world falling about her, the initiate fell to the ground.  Looking up, dazed and defenceless, she saw the orc standing over her about to deliver the killing blow.  Then just as it was delivered she felt a terrifying, cold blackness closing in…

Theda awoke with start.  She was still in her room in the tavern, and the first grey light of dawn was showing through the room’s one small skylight.  The nightmare she’d just gone through was like nothing else she’d ever experienced.  It could only be a vision, a warning from Sigmar.  She had no need to consult with any servant of Morr to confirm that.  The lesson was clearly never to underestimate an enemy, and to use cunning as well as brute strength before rushing to dispatch His enemies.   Still shaking, Theda rose from the straw mattress and started to strap her equipment on.

Okay, I know what you’re probably thinking.  A bit of a cop-out, and I’d have to agree.  However, I didn’t want to kill Theda off in her first encounter and it was really a quickly put-together test of my understanding of the rules, more than a carefully constructed adventure.

The combat work-through played well, and was relatively straightforward from a rules perspective.  I’m now confident I have a basic understanding of Warhammer RFP combat.  Clearly I’d badly underestimated the strength of the opposition I’d created though, particularly the orc.  For two newly-created adventurers this was a big ask.  Also, Theda played the encounter poorly.  She really wasn’t protected enough to go head to head with an uninjured orc, and she paid the price.   Better to support the other character against the goblins first.  Hans Drechsler by the way, my other character in this scenario, managed rather better although the drip, drip effect of the goblin attacks was eating into his resistance too.

An interesting start to Warhammer RFP 3rd Edition though.  And it wasn’t only Theda who learnt a few lessons!

Having read through three of the four tomes contained in the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay boxed set (the exception of the Tome Of Mysteries which I’m still working through), I was eager to play out a mini scenario to test my understanding of the basic rules before taking on something more meaty.

I therefore put together a very basic encounter for Theda, my female Sigmar initiate, and Hans, my Reikland mercenary.  For now I decided my scout Dieter would stay out of the picture – I didn’t want too many things to look after for my first run-through of combat.   Here’s the beginning of my narrative of the scenario:-

A lone figure trudged along the road to Ubersreik, or at least what passed for a road this far south of the Empire.  Overhead, leaden clouds scudded across the darkening skies – a storm was coming.  The howling wind blew bitterly cold into the face of the traveller.  Skirting the large water-filled potholes and avoiding the deeper patches of glutinous mud, Theda Hartmann, initiate of Sigmar, pondered what lay ahead of her. 

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

The Ubersreik Road, Southern Reikland

For the two weeks since she left the temple in Kellersborn, she had been been heading south.  Her objective was the borderland of the Empire where the foothills of southern Reikland met the mighty peaks of the Grey Mountains.  Father Anselm, her priest and mentor these past twenty years, had tasked her to use the abilities she had learnt in his temple in the service of Sigmar.  Merchants passing through her village had talked of greenskin incursions from the Grey Mountains, attacking the more remote communities that eked out a meagre living in the Empire’s southern borderlands.  Theda believed it possible that here her skill with her hammer could best be used, and where the consoling and inspiring words of Sigmar would be most appreciated.  

Any noble thoughts of this kind were fighting against the more mundane concerns of the present though.  Her boots were fast wearing out, as the blisters on her feet would testify, and the weather for the past three days had been foul – cold and wet.  Even now, although the rain had relented since early morning, more threatened in a darkening sky.  Pulling the cowl of her sodden and dirty cloak over her tonsured head, she moved onward towards the relative comfort of the next roadside inn, at least two to three hours walk distant.

The Ubersreik Road in these parts cut a path through ancient and largely untamed forest.  The dense trees on either side pressed against the road so closely that overhead they often met and created an arching canopy of sickly green.  Although wary, Theda had seen nothing in the woods.  In fact, she had seen no-one for the past hour or so, the last sign of life being a caravan of three heavily guarded merchant carts heading north.  Now though, some second sense made her look closely to her left.  There she saw a flash of movement some fifty yards distant, then more ahead of it.  Dropping down to a crouch she looked more closely – Greenskins!  There seemed to be a small group of them moving parallel to the road, which curved sharply to the left a small distance ahead.  Pulling her hammer from her belt and her shield from her back, Theda ran down the road in the direction the greenskins were moving.

As she approached the bend in the road Theda heard the familiar clang of metal against metal.  Quickening her pace, she rounded the bend and about 30 yards ahead in the road she saw a lone human warrior backed up against a small cart, facing two goblins.  Two more goblins and a human were lying motionless nearby.  As she approached, another three greenskins including a much larger figure, crashed through the undergrowth at the side of the road and looked set to join the fight.  These were clearly the creatures she had seen in the woodland.  So far, all were too preoccupied to have seen her.

And there it stopped!  After laying out all the relevant cards, counters etc, and starting the combat by going into initiative, I realised (of course) that things were still very sketchy after just one reading of the rules…  ‘How does initiative work again?’, ‘What stat does I use when a creature attacks?’ and ‘So where do I find that darned Defence stat?’ were just a few of the questions I was asking myself.  

Rather than just stumble on, looking in the various rulebooks every couple of minutes and probably still getting it wrong, I decided to go back to basics.  So, it’s a re-read of all the books again, this time making more notes!



Well, I’m made a leap of faith and decided to wholeheartedly embrace Warhammer FRP.  The demonstration of this is the sale of my Games Workshop pro-painted LOTR Elven army to fund more Warhammer Roleplay purchases.

Here’s a couple of pics:

If anyone’s interested, some of the the figures are on sale here.  Click on my user name to see the others.